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Euroscepticism on the rise across Europe asanalysis finds increasing opposition to the EU in France, Germany and Spain

Euroscepticism is growing – even in the counties that wield the mostinfluence Getty


Over sixty per cent of French voters now have anunfavourable view of the European Union while almost half the electorate in Germany, Spainand the Netherlandshave also become Eurosceptic, new research reveals.


Roughly two-thirds of Greeks (68 per cent) andBritish (65 per cent) want some EU power returned to Athensand London.Pluralities in Sweden (47per cent), the Netherlands(44 per cent), Germany (43per cent) and Italy(39 per cent) also want to curtail EU power.


But interestingly, the vast majority of votersin most other European countries - with the exception of France - do not want Britain to vote for Brexit. However32 per cent of French voters believe Britain departure would be a goodthing for the EU.


The report authors said their research showedthe British were not the only ones with doubts about the European Union.


“The EU’s image and stature have been on aroller coaster ride in recent years throughout Europe,”they wrote.


“The EU is again experiencing a sharp dip inpublic support in a number of its largest member states.


“There is little enthusiasm for transferringmore power to Brussels.As the British head to the polls, just 6 per cent ofthe public in the UKwants such an outcome. And only 8 per cent of Greeks favour more power for theEU.


“In most countries a quarter or more of thepublic prefers to keep the current division of power.”


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